TaxSmart is a  web application designed for managing state Tax administration. It handles the registration of Taxpayers (and PAYE agent), taxpayers returns, assessments, payments, assessment objections, up to the issuance  of  electronic Tax Clearance Certificates. The application being web based makes it available for use in all tax offices across the state irrespective of locations. The application handles the follow tax functions among others:

  1. Registration of Taxpayer and Tax Collecting Agents.
  2. Filing of Employers Tax Returns.
  3. Filing of Income, Contributions and Claims for Relief.
  4. Computation of Due tax from information provided.
  5. Assessment and Generation of Demand Notice.
  6. Objections Processing.
  7. Payment Confirmation
  8. Generation of Tax Clearance Certificate
  9. Communication of TCC.
  10. Keeping Records of TCC
  • August 10, 2020

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